Sunday, January 13, 2013

My 1st Cricut Project!

The idea for this project came to me about a year ago while wandering through a posh children's boutique.  They had fabric drawers that were decorated with different animals.  I remember thinking how cute they were but I realized I could probably figure out how to make them. I filed away the idea for someday but didn't give it much more thought.  Fast-forward  about 9 months and some good friends were having a baby. When looking at their registry I saw they were registered for a fabric drawer.  Since I just got a Cricut for Christmas what a better time to try out my idea!  So after getting a few things off the registry to fill the fabric drawer I decided to personalize the drawer with the baby's name.  I then headed to my favorite craft store to get what I would need.

1 -fabric drawer (11' H x101/2' W x 10 1/2' D)
1- glitter sheet foam board (1.5mm thick)
1- bottle craft foam glue
2- sheets solid color foam board (2mm)
(also pictured are the storage cube and the deep blade and housing for the Cricut)

I debated between using foam sheets or felt but after doing a little research decided the Cricut could handle the foam and it would probably hold up better than felt.  I had to buy a deep cute blade and housing but the Cricut did just fine with the foam.  

Blade Settings:
Cut Speed: 5
Cut Pressure: 5
Multi-cut: 4

All of the foam was cut using either the cartridge that came loaded onto my Cricut (Cricut Essentials) or the free Craft Room Basics. For the name I used the Craft room basics font and the glitter foam.  The "L" was cut 1.5w x 2.5h then I just eye balled the size of the other letters.  For the flowers I used the Cricut Essentials cartridge and the solid color foam.  The main part of the flower was cut with Flower 4.  And the middle circle was cut with  Circle 2.  I used Cricut Craft Room to lay everything out and played with a couple of different images until I found a layout I liked.  Once everything was cut I first used the foam glue to glue the centers on the flowers then after letting them dry overnight glued everything to the tote.  I let it dry again for about 24 hours then filled the tote with a few other registry items.

If you have a Cricut and have never used Cricut Craft Room I would highly recommend it!  There are some freebies that come upon download and since downloading it I randomly opened it one day to find another free font.  It also allows you to view every cartridge image available so if you are thinking about buying a new cartridge you can see all the images first!

The Finished Product!

Tips for cutting foam:
  • Make sure you have the deep cutting blade and deep cutting housing.
  • The rollers will leave an imprint on the foam but it goes away after a few days.  
  • Use a basic image (the more detail the harder it will be to cut).
  • Don't use anything thicker than 2mm foam. (The 1.5mm worked ideally but I could only find it in glitter.)
  • Don't be afraid to try! 

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